Electronics and Robotics – Old computers restoration

Old computers repairing and restoration

In my free time I’m fond of repairing old electronics and restorating interesting laptops and HPCs for my collection.

For some of them I even create websites with all I did instructions, for example this one about LG Phenom H-220c handheld PC.

Here are some photos…

LG Phenom H-220c

LG Phenom H-220c

Phenom with friends

Full set

Toshiba Satellite T1960CS

Satellite’s BIOS

Windows 3.11 on Toshiba

DLoG MPC5 Industrial PC

DLoG’s insides

DLoG’s motherboard

DLoG’s motherboard

DLoG’s CPU and chipset



  1. Hi Jurii, awesome collection, I like old laptop restoration too, and did it too.
    Do you prefer any OS to old laptops, or you use specific OS to specific machine?

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