Hi everybody and welcome to my site!

a few words about me…


I was born and lived in Minsk, Belarus. Here I graduated from Belarusian Higher State College Of Telecommunications and got an engineer degree in 2006. In 2009 I graduated from Belarusian National Technical University (faculty of informational technologies and robot-technique) as master of science in Automatics and Robotics.

In May 2013 I got my “golden ticket” and moved to United States where I now live with my family in small but very beautiful the Village of Plainfield, Illinois which is located just about 35 miles in South-West from Chicago, IL.

All my life I was crazy about computers, electronics and robots. I’m a software developer with more then 15 years of experience in such programming languages as PHP, JS, Object Pascal (Delphi and Lazarus), C# .NET and Mono, Java for Android (Android Studio, Eclipse), web developer and designer.

Also I’m a radio ham. My hobby is designing electronics (circuit schemes and PCBs), soldering and testing it, making some interesting electrical-mechanical devices, especially robots and automation systems. By the way I have huge collection of old computers, PDAs and other interesting electronics.

Take a look at my portfolio where I have a selection of my works and developments.


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