Cleaning Up Magento’s Database Logs for Faster Performance

There are lots of ways to speed up your Magento’s database but the 1st way is always to clean it Logs.

Magento is very good, robust and highly stable eCommerce system but it’s database is not as efficient as it should be. Almost every operation with database for every user is written down into logs tables and sometimes these log tables have millions of records and take hundreds megabytes of disc space. Cleaning logs regularly helps in reducing latency of query execution and hence improves performance. Regular database cleaning can tidy up Magento database and all unused, cluttered or over encumbered records are sorted out.

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Joomla – Standard Sample Data Sets

While installing the new Joomla 3.x system on your site, on step 3 – “Overview” you can see the options to install sample data set:

  • None
  • Blog English (GB) Sample Data
  • Brochure English (GB) Sample Data
  • Default English (GB) Sample Data
  • Learn Joomla English (GB) Sample Data
  • Test English (GB) Sample Data

What is it and which option choose to install?

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Joomla – How to set and get $_SESSION variables by an external PHP-script

When you are trying to set or get $_SESSION variable in Joomla environment using standart approach from an external script, it appears to be empty or not set.

$_SESSION['variable_name'] = "test";
$test_var = $_SESSION['variable_name']; // $test_var is empty!?!

It happens because Joomla uses its own session handling with come unique session-id-generation and some encryption in place, so the only way to get into the Joomla session data is to use the appropriate Joomla functions. I recently had a project where I needed to make simple data-input form with captcha generator and the original captcha data was stored in (and then got from) session.

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