Joomla – Standard Sample Data Sets

While installing the new Joomla 3.x system on your site, on step 3 – “Overview” you can see the options to install sample data set:

  • None
  • Blog English (GB) Sample Data
  • Brochure English (GB) Sample Data
  • Default English (GB) Sample Data
  • Learn Joomla English (GB) Sample Data
  • Test English (GB) Sample Data

What is it and which option choose to install?

As it written in this step: Installing Sample Data is strongly recommended for beginners.

This will install sample content that is included in the Joomla! installation package and will help setup your Joomla 3.x website the way you need it right from the start.

So lets take a look on all these Data Sets.


When choosing no sample data (“None”), Joomla installs a very basic website. Your homepage will show just a menu and a login form:

Blog English (GB) Sample Data

This template looks like a blog right from the start. Your homepage will list a few posts in the main content area and a sidebar with typical blog features such as “Older Posts”, “Blog Roll” and “Most Read Posts” section.

Brochure English (GB) Sample Data

With this data set your homepage will show only one article. Your sidebar will show an informational module and a login form:

Default English (GB) Sample Data

The default English sample data looks much like the brochure sample data. The major difference, at least from simply looking at the pages is that the sidebar has “Latest Articles” module instead of a simple text module.

Learn Joomla English (GB) Sample Data

When you install the “Learn Joomla” sample data, the sample data installed includes articles that explain how Joomla works. The homepage includes articles about beginners, upgraders and professional Joomla users. The sidebar includes links that go to articles about the Joomla! Project and the Joomla! Community.

Test English (GB) Sample Data

The “Test English” sample data appears to be for those users that want to test and help contribute to Joomla. The article on the homepeage is about how to test Joomla and report bugs that you find. In the sidebar, there is a list of all available views, making it easier to test many of the different types of pages you can create.

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