Software developing

PDA Elektronik

Operation system: Windows Mobile, WinCE
Used tools: C# .NET, CompactFramework

Electronic directory and wave-generator for Windows Mobile based devices.

Tested on WM 2003/2003SE ( HP IPPAQ h3630, h2200, Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 410 and 720, Acer n300) and WM 5 ( HTC P3300, HP IPAQ 214, 2410).

This is very usefull tool for any radioham.

It has about 100 information tables and specifications in electronics and physics. Huge database of components (resistors, capacitors, coils, ICs, diodes, transistors, thyratrons, other vacuum devices, etc.), cables, coaxials, fluxes, directory of worldwide electrical sockets, etc.

Buid-in wave-generator that allows to set-up and generate sinus, cosinus, saw or pulse signal with defined bitrate and frequency.

Build-in DTMF and Morse generators.

Still working on it… Will release soon.

PS: Sorry, just Russian language.

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