Software developing


Operation system: Windows, Linux
Used tools: Free pascal, Lazarus IDE, GTK

My software solution for a stamp designing and producing company.

This program – “Shtempsel”, allows to create the design of any kind of stamp (circle, rectangular, triangular), add any text with any custom font settings, put any image or a Coat of arms from it’s build-in library on the stamp. It has lots of settings and user-defined parameters for every object (line, figure, image, text, symbol) on the stamp, so you can create any stamp you want, difficult or not.

It can save designed stamps in it’s own file format (and then load it back into editor) and export it in many graphic images like JPEG, PNG or BMP. Additionaly, Shtempsel exports stamp in special file format (vectors and coordinates) that can be uploaded into CNC-machine.

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