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Star Manager v.1.0

Operation system: Windows CE
Used tools: Free pascal, Lazarus + ARM

Short description

Star Manager is advanced system manager that allows you to adjust backligth brightness and sound volume of your ARM processor-based WinCE device, to set wallpapers on the desktop, to controll and manage system pocesses and memory load, to contol battery charge and see device configuration.

Star Manager works even on GPS-devices with WinCE “core” installed.

On this sceenshots, Star Manager works on Acer p610 GPS Portable Navigator with WinCE 5.0 “core” operation system.


You can download the lastest version of STAR Manager with it is source codes in English or Russian language right here. Just right click on one of the links below and choose “Save object as…” :

Of course – it is totally free…

If you have “Core” version of WinCE on your device (navigator, embebbed system), you may have this DLLs to run STAR Manager :

Just unpack them and copy to “//Windows” folder of your device.

How to install STAR Manager on your device

For install STAR Manager on your device you only have to copy StarManager.exe execute file from archive to storage memory in your device.

For uninstall – just delete this file from your device and (if you do not want any trash registy) delete the entire registry key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\STARManager”.

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