Electronics and Robotics – Scene lighting

Repairing and managing Stage Light system

Here I’d like to post some information about experience I had on one of my previou jobs with huge robotic scene lighting system.

When I came to this job, this system was in very poor condition – broken “heads”, cutted wires, rotten electronics, lighting console with thick dust on it. And nobody who could tell me how should all this work…

SGM Regia 2048 Console

Little army

Close view on Spots

Spinning heads

Smoke machines

Two stroboscopes

Many wires

Steady! Ready! Light!

All in row

Close view on Pilot Wash


More Martin Atomic 3000

DMX Interface Splitter

Smoke and Light :)

It took me about 2 weeks to repair it, find out how all this stuff should be wired and driven and teach myseft how to use SGM console (because no manual was in box).

Here are two short videos with me testing this system.

Video 1, AVI, 9.5 Mb

Video 2, AVI, 2.3 Mb

And an the end I was writing quite difficult ques and lighting scenes and even make 2 concerts as Chief Lighting Engineer.


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