Electronics and Robotics – TFS-build traffic light

Signalling system for TFS Server

During my work in SaM Solutions (Minsk, Belarus) I did not leave the idea of ​​visualize statuses of TFS-server builds with some simple and effective way, because it’s wery easy to make a wrong check-in while somebody’s else build in progress.

So here is my solution for this problem: big real traffic light with some additional electronics and special software.

Traffic light is hanged on a wall in office and connected by USB and audio wires to any nearest workstation. On this workstation PC additional software is installed, it asks TFS-Server of it’s state every 10 seconds.

Software has additional feature – it has list of all developers’ usernames and audio records of them, so when anybody starts the build (perform a check-in) this program creates a queue of accordingly WAVs with developers name and some music (for example “Tra-ta-ta! John Brown has just started the build!”) and play it through traffic light’s build-in audio system.

When build is in progress – it flashes yellow light and play music.

When build state is FAILED, BROKEN or STOPPED – it lights-on red light and say “BANG! John Brown has broken the build!” or “Build was failed!”

When build passed – green light with “TA-DA! Build passed!”

Electrical circuit and it’s PSB I developed on base IC USB-bridge FT232 with power swithes on tyristors and relays. Buid-in sound amplifier – stereo 2×12 Watts on TDA2030 IC.

Software was written by me in C#.NET and was tested with TFS Server 2010.

Here are two videos of how this system works. Sorry, only Russian language…

Testing. Video 1, MP4, 1.2 Mb

Processing build. Video 2, MP4, 5.4 Mb

In the second video – all the sounds and music are played by traffic light.


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