Lazarus + TGeckoBrowser

In this post I will describe how to easily create your own webbrowser with FPC in Lazarus IDE using Gecko engine.

About Gecko

Gecko is a web browser engine used in many applications developed by Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation (notably the Firefox web browser including its mobile version and their e-mail client Thunderbird), as well as in many other open source software projects. Gecko is free and open-source software subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License ver.2.

From the outset, Gecko was designed to support open Internet standards. Some of the standards Gecko supports include:

  • CSS Level 2.1 (partial support for CSS 3)
  • DOM Level 1 and 2 (partial support for DOM 3)
  • HTML4 (partial support for HTML5)
  • JavaScript 1.8.5 (full ECMAScript 5.1 support)
  • MathML
  • RDF
  • XForms (via an official extension)
  • XHTML 2.0
  • XML 2.0
  • XSLT and XPath, implemented in TransforMiiX

More about Gecko you can read on it’s Wikipedia Page, Gecko at Mozilla Developer’s Network and Gecko at MozillaWiki.

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